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July 27th-28th 2023

Suriname Cyber Crime Defense & Prevention - Awareness Training

In partnership with SIVIS

The Suriname Labour College aims to provide access to education and awareness raising for all Surinamese people, particularly employees and carries as core values: collaboration, innovation, determination, integrity and service. click to visit SIVIS >> website




July 27th 2023

  • Morning Session (9AM-12PM)

  • Evening Session (6PM-9PM)

July 28th 2023

  • Morning Session (9AM-12PM)

  • Evening Session (6PM-9PM)


Session Format

  • The presenter is a globally recognized cybersecurity leader.

  • The session is designed to be engaging from start to finish.

Lead Presenter:

James Bynoe

Global Chief Information Security Officer\International Cyber Security Expert


Companies\Organizations Supported:

eBay, NASA, NIKE EMEA, US EPA, US DoD, NOAA, US Embassy - Barbados

Training Event Flyers

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Caribbean Cyber Crime is On the RISE

Learn How To Protect Your Suriname Business, Organization or Home for CYBER CRIMINALS
Course Topics (3 hours)
  • Global Cyber Crime Predictions for 2023-2024
  • The 360 View of Effective Cyber Crime Defense & Protection
  • Delivering Secure Online Products & Services
  • Ransomware - Defense & Response 

Don't Be A Victim

of  Cyber Crime. 

Learn How!!

"As Suriname businesses increase their online footprint, cybersecurity training is essential for all..."

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